I am Joey Van Benthem. I started out in this great business in 2004 at the age of 27. I have lived my life working in the Customer Service and Sales industry and love how rewarding it is. My goal was to find a career where I could work with people to help them achieve their dreams and be part of something that was very important to them. Well what better way to do that then to be a part of the purchase of a home, or to help them start their investment portfolio, or help them expand their business. I have had the pleasure of working with 100’s of clients. The greatest part of this business is that every personality you encounter is different and you can learn from each and every person you get the privilege of dealing with.

My goals are to set myself apart from the rest of the Realtors in our business. I like to say I do things differently. My goals are to exceed the expectations of all my clients. Whether, working in the residential or commercial field, the one guarantee you have from me is that I will bring hard work and honesty to the table every time. I love to have fun, laugh and create as much of a non stressful environment as possible. However when it comes time for knowledge you will be sure to know that I have a boat load of it. I have always been a learner. My feeling is you can never know enough. Although I don’t know everything, if we come across an area in which I don’t have the expertise needed, I will be sure to get us the accurate information needed, and in a timely fashion. We have devoted ourselves to changing people’s views of Realtors. Our business is driven around Karma and helping others. We will always treat you the way we would want to be treated. We are the new age of Real Estate and our goal is to not only help you in business but build a trusting relationship for life.

If you wish to know anything at all about me don’t be shy to send me a quick text, email, or a phone call. I will guarantee you if we do business together you will be more than happy with the outcome.

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